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The iTRACK RMML-100 can be easily convert and upgrad your fixed VSAT antenna to a motorized and auto-pointing acquiring without any modification for your antenna.

The iTRACK RMML-100 system works seamlessly with the Simple Controller doesn't need to be configured. Ideal for situations where you will be moving your VSAT often such as in oil drilling and fracking rigs. No need to depend on installers to come out and repoint your antenna, just push a button and start your satellite communications.


iTRACK RMML-100 Auto-pointing acquiring system.

The RMML-100 system is easily configured to provide instant access to satellite communications for any application that requires reliable and/or remote connectivity in a rugged environment. Ideally suited for industries such as Oil & Gas Exploration, Mining, Disaster Management, Construction, Mobile Offices, Emergency Services, Cellular Backhaul and many others.


iTRACK RMML-100 Auto-pointing acquiring system.




  • Elevation Actuator 24V
  • Azimuth Actuator 24V
  • Control Panel
  • Elevation Box (optional)
  • Rx & Tx Cables 2 RG6 Cables -20m each
  • Control And Power Cables